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St. Lunaire-Griquet, Nfld Canada
Welcome to St. Brendan's Motel
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Visitors to Newfoundland quickly become addicted to our incredible pan fried cod

Newfoundland - Atlantic Seafood Capital

Come and see why Newfoundland is known as the Seafood Capital of the Atlantic. In a land that lives by the sea, taste the freshest food the ocean provides.

Mouth-watering lobster, cod, halibut, salmon, and trout. Mussels, scallops, and shrimp. This morning's catch prepared for tonight's dinner - it's that fresh, and that's what makes the difference. There is also a variety of fresh lake fish served at many Newfoundland restaurants.

If you are adventurous, sample a dish of 'Cod Tongues' - a Newfoundland delicacy. Or try 'Fish & Brewis' - made with fresh cod, bread-stuffing and pork 'scrunchions'.

A culinary journey through Newfoundland and Labrador wouldn't be complete without a sampling of wild game. Find moose, caribou, bear, and rabbit prepared in both traditional and innovative ways.

Local Dining

The Daily Catch Restaurant

15 minute walk from our motel
Incredible Meals
Tel: (709) 623-2295
Alt: (709) 623-2548
214 Main Street
St. Lunaire-Griquet
Open June thru September

The Norseman Restaurant

Rated "Top 100 places to Dine"
12km north from our motel
Toll free: 1 (877) 623-2018
Tel: (709) 754-3105
L'Anse aux Meadows
Open June thru September

Café Nymphe

Everything we do is homemade! From our delicious breads, to our soup, sandwiches and daily specials! Specialized desserts featuring the wild berries of The Dark Tickle Company. Great coffee, a large selection of tea, and specialty drinks made from our unique wild berries.

Tel: (709) 623-2354
75 Main Street
St. Lunaire-Griquet
Open mid-May thru September

Snow's Take Out

Great take-out food, Always!
A few minutes south of motel
Tel: (709) 623-2260
129 Main Street
St. Lunaire-Griquet
Open Year Round
St. Ancient inscriptions on boulder in St. Lunaire-Griquet (Photo credit - Luke Arbuckle)

The Celtic History Behind Our Name

St. Brendan's Boulder - found resting under a thicket of bush (adjacent to our location) has ancient inscriptions that have drawn major attention from researchers.

An archaelogical survey speculates a likeness between the etchings on the rock and ancient Celtic language. Stories of the travels of the Irish monk, St. Brendan - place his voyage here somewhere between 565 and 573 AD. This could indicate a European presence dating back over a thousand years before the arrival of the Vikings.
St. Brendan's Motel
Tel: (709) 660-5466
Alt: (709) 623-2520

1 Hilltop Drive (P.O. Box 99)
St. Lunaire-Griquet, NL A0K 2X0
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